Anyone can file your taxes. Why not choose a company with a registered tax return preparer (RTRP) for the IRS? RTRP’s are required to be up-to-date on tax law changes and additions (including the medical care act) and if for any reason you are audited we can be your representative to the IRS.

Phillips Tax & Accounting has over 18 years of tax experience. Give us a call today to get the best return possible!


$70 1040 with no deductions (individual)
$100 1040 with deductions (individual)
$140 Form 1040 Schedule C (profit or loss from business)
$200 Form 1065 (partnership)
$500 Form 1120 (corporation)
$500 Form 1120S (S corporation)
$300 Form 1041 (fiduciary)
$1,500 Form 706 (estates)
$125 Form 990 (tax exempt)
$50 Form 940 (Federal unemployment)

Assistance with city tax forms.

Note: All fees assume a taxpayer has gathered and organized all necessary information.